Mikao Usui, born in 1865, rediscovered Reiki during a retreat on Mt Kurama in 1914.

   It's believed he developed this system of healing based on a formula he found in ancient Sanskrit Buddhist sutras. Following the formula he went into the mountains and fasted and meditated for 21 days. On the last day he had a vision, which completed his system. Some say that during his vision he received the Reiki symbols that are part of the system. Others say he got the symbols before hand from the Temple where he studied. In either case, the system he developed became an effective tool for healing. Usui Sensei spent the rest of his life sharing his Reiki system and trained many others how to teach it.


   Mikao Usui initiated sixteen masters, one of whom was Chujiro Hayashi.
   At the age of 47 Dr. Hayashi received Reiki teacher training from Usui Sensei. For about ten years he ran a Reiki clinic. During those ten years he came up with a more complicated set of hand positions and divided the Reiki training into three levels or degrees.


   Hayashi initiated thirteen masters, one of whom was Mrs Takata, (born 1900) who brought Reiki to the West in the 1930s. She is pictured here with her grand-daughter, Phyllis Lei Furumoto, who is a prominent Reiki Master/Teacher in America.
   After being healed from serious conditions in Dr. Hayashi's clinic, Mrs. Takata decided to learn Reiki. She spent at least a year working for Dr. Hayashi in his clinic before receiving the second-degree training. Then she opened up a clinic of her own in Hawaii.
   In 1938, she received her teacher training from Dr. Hayashi. Within the ten years before her death in 1980 she trained twenty-two teachers.


Iris Ishikuro is one of the teachers trained by Mrs. Takata between 1973 and 1980. She was one of the first teachers to break away from Takata's tradition by charging less for attunements. She died a few years ago.


Iris Ishikura trained Arthur Robertson as a Reiki teacher in 1982. Like Iris, Arthur decided to break away from Takata's tradition by charging much less for training. He was also instrumental in developing the new branches of Reiki, in particular Raku Kei Reiki and Tibetan Reiki, which in turn were partly used in the development of Karuna Reiki. Arthur died in 2001. He is shown here with Iris.


Robertson trained Jeanine Sande as a Reiki teacher in 1989. Like Arthur and Iris before her did, she charges reasonable fees for training. She has further broken away from Takata's tradition by combining first and second degree into a single two-day workshop. Currently she teaches Reiki and other healing techniques at 'Lighten Your Way' in Soquel, California. Her web site is


   Judith Tripp was trained as Reiki Master by Jeanine Sande. In 1994 she and William Lee Rand started training large numbers of masters in the UK. Judith is a psychotherapist with an active practice in California. She  leads healing retreats to Glastonbury and worked actively for years with Dr. Lauren Artress on the Labyrinth Project. She is a certified facilitator with Veriditas which leads seminars at Chartres Cathedral in France and she leads the Women’s Dream Quest all around the US.Her web site is


   Serahsee (Isis, Elisis) Livingstone was attuned by Judith Tripp. Serahsee, or Elisis as she is now known, runs the Shambhala Healing Retreat center in Glastonbury.


   John Scott-Cameron was attuned as Reiki Master by Serahsee Livingstone at Glastonbury on May 28th 1995. John has completed the basic and advanced courses in Spiritual Response Therapy. “This therapy is particularly helpful in treating mental, emotional and physical dysfunctions which have their roots in past lives or may be due to unresolved problems with people living in the world of spirit. Sometimes we are also affected by discarnate beings who come into our aura looking for help and thereby drain our energy.”
His web site is


   John-Charles Barlow was trained and attuned as Reiki Master by John Scott-Cameron. He is a gifted healer and Reiki Master/Teacher. He is also an experienced counselor, psychotherapist, analytic coach, and facilitator of life-skills workshops. He works in private practice and consults for organizations as a practitioner and supervisor, as well as a trainer and facilitator in devising and delivering short and long-term applied life practitioner-based programs. He is currently (2009) based in London. His web site is


   Gregory Grove was trained and attuned as Reiki Master/Teacher by John-Charles Barlow in 2004. He founded The Healing Grove in 2005 and worked with Reiki partner, Christine Lenferna, until 2008. During that period they trained approximately 120 Reiki students, of which 15 were attuned as Reiki Masters. Gregory is currently (2014) based in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, teaching English.

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